Vol 7 of C@tO


Volume 7 of Culture at the Olympics has just been published. The contents are proceedings from a symposium that took place at University of Glasgow in June 2005, in association with London 2012. Contents as follows:

7.1 Exploring Internationalism: Scotland responds to London’s Olympic Vision for Culture in 2012 pp1-8
7.2 Welcome Presentation, pp.9-11
by Professor Adrienne Scullion
7.3 Special Address, pp.12-16
by Patricia Ferguson, Member of Scottish Parliament
7.4 Olympism and Internationalism, pp.17-23
by Jude Kelly, Chair Culture & Education, London 2012
7.5 Culture at the Olympics: Intangible, invisible, but impacting, pp.24-34
by Beatriz Garcia & Andy Miah
[Also access the powerpoint presentation in pdf (8mb)]
7.6 Discussion Session [transcript], pp.35-55
edited by Beatriz Garcia

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